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Insurance exists to protect policyholders. However, there are instances that, no matter what type of claim you have, you could end up having a dispute with your insurance provider.

The process of dealing with an insurance claim can be challenging. Insurance companies may delay your compensation and sometimes even deny it outright. As a policyholder, this could be very frustrating, especially when you’re dealing with an already difficult situation. Fortunately, you can acquire help from an insurance dispute lawyer in Houston.

Callender Bowlin has a long track record of success in maximizing damages and defending the rights of policyholders from insurance companies who have treated them unfairly and violated their covenant. Feel free to browse through the verified testimonials of our satisfied clients in Houston.

Why Choose Callender Bowlin?

As a policyholder, getting into a dispute with your insurance provider is one of the most frustrating things you can experience. Generally, the role of insurance providers is to offer their policyholders financial protection against different types of potential damages and losses.

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Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to underpay and sometimes even deny valid claims. In situations like this, hiring an insurance dispute lawyer from a well-trusted law firm like Callender Bowlin could be very beneficial for your case.

So why choose Callender Bowlin? There are plenty of reasons why choosing our law firm is the optimal choice. Some of these reasons include the following:

  • Callender Bowlin is proven to be a reputable law firm
  • Our well-experienced lawyers specialize in insurance disputes
  • Our firm is built on values, integrity and grit
  • Our lawyers are well-versed in insurance laws and its legal landscape
  • We offer full transparency
  • We value your legal needs
  • We fight for the rights of policyholders like you

While there are many law firms you can choose from, there is no other like Callender Bowlin. As your legal representative, you can ensure that your needs are not being overlooked and that your rights as a policyholder are being honored.

How Much Do We Charge: We operate on a contingency fee arrangement. This means that our clients do not pay any legal fees upfront. Instead, our fees are contingent upon the successful outcome of the case.

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How Can We Help in An Insurance Dispute?

An insurance dispute occurs when the policyholder and the insurance provider refuse to agree on the details or terms of a settlement. In instances such as this, hiring an insurance dispute lawyer can be of tremendous help.

Insurance dispute lawyers are well-versed in the law. They can help you better understand the laws surrounding your claim, which is very important in the process of resolving the dispute. They can help you gather essential documents that may strengthen your claim and receive a better settlement.

If by any chance your insurance provider refuses to agree to a settlement, an insurance dispute lawyer can file an insurance dispute lawsuit against them on your behalf as well as serve as your legal representation in court.

Fortunately, Callender Bowlin specializes in insurance disputes. Our legal team consists of lawyers who are experts in insurance laws and can easily handle the claims process with ease, ensuring that you acquire the legal assistance you need as you fight for your rights as a policyholder.

About Insurance Disputes in Houston

Just like any other state, Houston is no stranger to the concept of insurance disputes. In Houston, natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes are becoming common. These natural calamities result in different types of damages and losses. This is where the role of insurance providers comes in.

Insurance coverage serves as the financial safety net of policyholders in the event of unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances. However, there are instances when insurance companies try to undervalue your claim or worse, deny it. This then leads to a dispute between the policyholder and their insurance provider.

Why Do Insurance Disputes Occur?

An insurance dispute may occur due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons may include but are not limited to the following:

The following examples stated above are all possible root causes of an insurance dispute. However, among all of these, delays in payouts and denial of insurance claims are the most common reasons for insurance disputes.

If you are a policyholder currently in a dispute with your insurance provider or wish to avoid it, it is imperative that you have a thorough understanding of the details of the policy.

Seeking help from a legal professional may also be beneficial as they can help identify the details of the policy and ensure that your rights as a policyholder are being protected.

Legal Consequences Of Insurance Disputes

Insurance disputes arise when policyholders find themselves in a disagreement with their insurance providers over a claim. If you are involved in a situation like this, it is important to understand the legal process and legal consequences of insurance disputes.

In trying to resolve these matters, policyholders and insurance providers may engage in the following:

Mediation and Arbitration

Mediation and arbitration are both forms of alternative dispute resolution. However, while both forms involve a third-party to help settle their dispute, these two are still different things.

In mediation, a neutral, trained mediator helps the two conflicting parties reach a settlement, but in the end, the two conflicting parties make the final decision. In arbitration, the neutral third party, also known as the arbitrator, serves as a private judge between the two conflicting parties and makes a verdict.


When a policyholder and an insurance provider fail to reach a settlement outside of the courtroom, the former may resort to filing a civil lawsuit.

Basically, this legal action begins when a plaintiff, such as a policyholder, files a complaint against the defendant, in this case, the insurance provider. Both parties effectively refer their issues to the court to decide their rights and obligations.

Negotiations and Settlements

A negotiation involves two or more parties engaging in a discussion in order to reach an agreement. In negotiations, there is no process for how both parties should proceed.

A settlement, on the other hand, refers to an arrangement that both parties adhere to, to end a disagreement without having to take it to court.

Role of A Specialized Attorney

Insurance dispute lawyers play a vital role in resolving insurance disputes between policyholders and their insurance providers. If you believe your rights as a policyholder are being violated and your insurance provider has breached the contract and is acting in bad faith, an insurance dispute lawyer can help you successfully navigate the claims process.

So, what exactly can an insurance dispute lawyer do for your case? Attorneys can:

  • Negotiate on your behalf
  • Ensure your rights are being protected
  • Guidance throughout the claims process
  • Clear interpretation of the key details of the insurance policy
  • Gather documents essential to your claim
  • Build a strong case and represent your claim in court

Working With A Local Insurance Dispute Lawyer

While it is possible to reach an agreement with your insurance provider without the help of a lawyer, hiring a local insurance dispute lawyer can provide you with several advantages as you try to resolve your insurance dispute. Some of these advantages include:

Expertise and essential knowledge of the law

One of the many reasons why you should hire a local lawyer to help you is their expertise and essential knowledge of the law. Reaching a settlement with an insurance provider may seem like an easy task at first, but without the relevant knowledge of the law governing your claim, you may not realize that you are receiving unfair compensation for the damages and losses you have sustained.


Having a dispute with your insurance provider can be a very stressful and overwhelming experience, especially if it is your first time being involved in one. Having an experienced local lawyer by your side can help you navigate the struggles associated with the dispute.

Collect essential documents and review the facts of the case

Insurance dispute lawyers have connections. Because of these connections, they can gather crucial documents related to your claim and review the facts of the case – enabling them to build a stronger case.

Determine the fair value of an insurance claim

With the help of an insurance dispute lawyer, you will be able to avoid settling for a lowball settlement. Hiring an experienced attorney increases your chances of receiving a fair and better settlement.

Conduct negotiations on your behalf

Being involved in an insurance dispute increases the tension between you and your insurance provider. Insurance dispute lawyers have good communication abilities.

Therefore, they can communicate and conduct negotiations with your insurance providers on your behalf and possibly reach a favorable settlement.

Provide essential legal advice

Insurance dispute lawyers aim to protect your rights as a policyholder and as their client. As your legal counsel, they will be able to provide you with essential legal advice and guide you on the steps you need to take as you go through the complexities of the legal process.

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With our vast resources and network of legal experts, we are ready to face powerful insurance companies. We can confidently handle your case – and winning is the only option.

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