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Fire damage refers to when a property is physically damaged as a result of burning. The damage could be due to the flame itself or smoke emitted by the fire, as well as water damage from the water used by firefighters to put out the fire.

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Dealing with the aftermath of fire damage can be very overwhelming and draining at the same time. Navigating the legal process of fire damage claims as you try to recover from the situation can be difficult. However, you do not have to do it alone.

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While there are plenty of law firms you can choose from to help aid your legal needs, there are also several reasons why Callender Bowlin is the right choice. Some of these reasons include:

  • Having a solid record in securing compensation after a fire incident
  • Good communication abilities
  • Has a deep understanding of Texas insurance law
  • Dedicated to providing reliable legal services in fire damage cases

Moreover, Callender Bowlin is a reputable company with years of experience in successfully filing fire damage claims. By choosing our law firm, you can ensure that your case is being handled by a knowledgeable and well-experienced legal team dedicated to fighting for your rights.

How Can We Help in A Fire Damage Case?

Destructive flames can cause severe damage to your buildings, furniture, clothing, appliances and any other personal belongings in just a matter of minutes, and while the fire may not destroy the entirety of your property, the smoke, along with the water and other chemicals used to stop and contain the fire can also cause significant damage.

If your home or any other property was damaged in a fire in Houston, it is crucial that you take the necessary actions in order to start the recovery process – and one of those is filing a fire damage insurance claim.

You’re probably thinking, why hire a fire damage lawyer when you can file and settle your claim with the insurance company by yourself? While filing a fire damage claim on your own is possible and lawyers are not necessarily required, having an experienced fire damage lawyer by your side has several advantages and, at the same time, can be comforting.

In fact, your legal representative plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your fire damage claim. As easy as it may seem, acquiring fair compensation from insurance companies can be a very complicated and overwhelming task without the help of a fire damage lawyer. However, with lawyers, they can:

  • Protect and defend your rights under the law
  • File an insurance claim on your behalf
  • Gather and prepare all the necessary documents related to your claim
  • Negotiate with the insurer to increase your compensation
  • Interpret for you the details of the insurance policy
  • Help you navigate other possible legal options
  • Represent your case in court (if necessary)

About Fire Damage in Houston

Houston’s topography is characterized by its flat terrain, punctuated by bayous, rivers, and coastal plains. While this flatness offers a sense of expansiveness and openness, it also poses challenges when it comes to fire management. The lack of natural barriers can facilitate the rapid spread of fires, especially during dry and windy conditions.

The city’s climate is also notoriously hot and humid, with long summers and mild winters. While the abundance of sunshine and warmth is one of the city’s defining features, it also creates ideal conditions for fire ignition and propagation. High temperatures and low humidity levels can quickly dry out vegetation, turning it into fuel for potential wildfires.

According to research, Texas has been facing an intense wildfire season for the past few years. In January 2022, around 160 wildfires occurred, resulting in almost 12,000 acres burned. State and local officials continue to be wary of the dangers of wildfires due to the hot temperatures and dry conditions in the state. The Texas Tribune further reported that human activity has been the cause of about 90% of wildfires.

Moreover, Houston is a sprawling metropolis with a highly dense population. The city’s extensive infrastructure, including highways, residential neighborhoods, and commercial areas, contributes to the risk of fire damage. As more land is developed and urbanized, there’s an increased likelihood of human-caused fires, whether due to accidents, negligence, or intentional acts.

Where Do Fire Damages Occur?

Fire damage can occur in various locations, both residential and commercial, due to a wide range of factors. Here are some common places where fire damages occur:

Residential Homes: Fires in residential homes can occur in kitchens due to cooking accidents, electrical malfunctions, heating systems, or smoking materials.

Commercial Buildings: This type of fire damage can happen in offices, retail stores, warehouses, restaurants, and manufacturing facilities. Common causes include electrical faults, machinery malfunctions, overheated equipment, or arson.

Industrial Facilities: Factories, refineries, and chemical plants are prone to fire damage due to the presence of flammable materials, machinery, and industrial processes. Accidental fires or explosions can occur during the production, storage, or transportation of hazardous substances.

Vehicles: Fire damages can occur in vehicles, including cars, trucks, buses, and recreational vehicles, due to engine fires, fuel leaks, electrical problems, or collisions.

Wildfires: These happen in rural and forested areas, destroying vegetation, wildlife habitats, homes, and infrastructure. Factors such as dry weather, high winds, and human activities can contribute to the spread of wildfires.

How Do Fire/Smoke Damages Occur?

There are several possible causes of fire damage. It could range from natural causes such as weather, climate, and lightning, or it could be a result of another person’s misconduct or negligence. Listed below are some of the reasons why fire damages occur:

  • Improper use of electricity
  • Gas leakage
  • Improper handling of inflammable materials
  • Unattended cooking
  • Arson

Understanding how and why fire damage occurs is important to help prevent and avoid experiencing similar situations in the future. Moreover, it is also important to keep in mind that fire also results in different types of smoke that can cause significant damage to your property. Here are some of the different kinds of smoke damage:

  • Dry smoke
  • Wet smoke
  • Fuel smoke
  • Protein-based smoke

Fire Damage Can Result From Various Negligent Acts

Generally, the state of Texas is an at-fault state. This means that whoever is found and proven to be responsible for the damages will be held liable.

For example, your apartment was caught in a fire, and plenty of your other personal belongings were destroyed in the process. If the fire was the result of your landlord’s failure to ensure the proper maintenance of your apartment building, then they may be held liable for the damages.

However, it is important to note that the laws in Texas with regard to negligence may vary depending on the type of claim involved.

Role of A Specialized Attorney

Hiring an experienced fire/smoke damage lawyer for your case has plenty of advantages. Some of the services they may offer include the following:

It is important to note that the role of a specialized attorney in a fire damage claim is not limited to the advantages mentioned above. These are just some of the most common examples of what a fire/smoke damage lawyer can offer for your case.

Working With A Local Houston Fire Damage Lawyer

There are several possible causes of fires. Because of this, the claims process may vary depending on the location where the fire occurred as well as how it happened. This is where the importance of hiring a local lawyer comes in.

There are several reasons why you should hire a local Houston fire damage lawyer to help you handle your case. These include the following:

  • They acquire the necessary knowledge of the law and legal process, ensuring that you are being rightfully guided as you go through the intricacies of a fire damage claim process.
  • They are well-experienced in dealing with insurance companies. They can review the details of your insurance policy and identify any other possible losses you may be able to recover in accordance with the insurer’s policy.
  • They can negotiate on your behalf for a better settlement. Most of the time, insurance companies will try to lower the amount of the damages covered. A local Houston fire damage lawyer can help you avoid accepting an unfair settlement and opt for an even better one.
  • They can serve as your legal representation in court. If, in any case, you and the insurance company fail to reach an agreement regarding the coverage of the damages and losses, a fire damage attorney can help you build a strong case and effectively defend your claim.

Call A Houston Fire Damage Lawyer Now

A highly reputable Houston fire damage lawyer is within reach as you try to navigate a complicated claims process. The aftermath of a fire has devastating consequences for the people residing in the areas affected. Fortunately, although it may not seem like it at first, recovery after suffering from fire damage is possible.

If any of your property, be it real or personal property, got severely damaged due to a fire occurrence, you may be eligible to recover a variety of damages through a fire damage claim. You may be able to recover expenses associated with the reconstruction of your damaged property, such as your house and any other possessions or structures in your home.

Moreover, you may also be able to acquire reimbursement for the expenses you have spent on living arrangements should your home or building be determined uninhabitable. Callender Bowlin has vast resources and a wide network of experts to provide the legal assistance you need as you deal with your fire damage claim.

Our team is made up of well-versed professionals who understand your needs and aim to secure the justice that you truly deserve. We offer our clients legal counsel along with customized legal strategies to help you effectively deal with the complexities of the claim process.

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