Updated: April 1, 2024

Xcel Energy, the Minnesota-based power company serving our fellow Texans in the Texas Panhandle who suffered the relentless onslaught of smoke and flames last February, has been sued.  Local citizens are taking legal action against the power company after Xcel admitted involvement in what would become the second-largest wildfire in US history.

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How Did This Wildfire Disaster Occur?

The Smokehouse Creek fire, starting on February 26, 2024, near Stinnett, Texas, became a historic wildfire, impacting the northeastern Texas panhandle and western Oklahoma, particularly Hemphill and Roberts counties.

By March 16, it had consumed over 1,000,000 acres, marking it as Texas’s largest wildfire since 1988 and the biggest in the U.S. for 2024. Expanding rapidly, crossing into Oklahoma and prompting evacuations. It was detected early by satellite.

The fire’s rapid growth, fueled by strong winds, led to a disaster declaration affecting 60 counties.

As of March 16, 2024, the town of Canadian, Texas, has seen at least 30 homes obliterated by the Smokehouse Creek fire, while in Hutchinson County, Texas, the count exceeds 100 homes.

The aftermath of the fire has resulted in over 11,000 individuals facing power outages due to the devastation of power lines and various infrastructure components. Tragically, two lives were lost in the wildfire.

Many Texan ranchers are in need of hay and feed due to the scorched lands.

Xcel Energy Admits Involvement in Igniting The Smokehouse Creek Wildfire

Xcel Energy admitted involvement in the Smokehouse Creek wildfire, which has been since contained.  A homeowner in Stinnet, Texas, has filed a lawsuit against Xcel, citing a broken utility pole for igniting the flames.

While Xcel is fully cooperating with investigators and conducting an internal review of the devastating wildfire, they rejected claims they were negligent with their Texas infrastructure maintenance.

Do I Need To File a Lawsuit?

Seeking legal representation to recover losses from a third-party entity over a wildfire disaster can help bring financial compensation above what your homeowners policy may cover.  Going against insurance companies alone may not be advisable.  Our experienced insurance attorneys are seasoned negotiators and trial lawyers.  We’re not afraid to take your claim to court.  Contact us for a free case evaluation.  Let’s talk.

What Financial Compensation May I Seek?

Damaged property or personally injured? You may be entitled to compensation.  The following are examples of ways you may seek financial compensation after a wildfire in Texas:

  • Loss of use of property
  • Agricultural crop damage
  • Livestock loss
  • Reforestation costs
  • Diminished water quality or availability
  • Loss of consortium
  • Loss of livestock
  • Future medical expenses for long-term conditions
  • Costs for psychological counseling
  • Evacuation expenses
  • Damage to vehicles and equipment
  • Increased insurance premiums

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