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The physical, emotional, and financial toll of a car accident can be tragic, leaving victims struggling to cope with its dire consequences while also attempting to navigate the legal landscape surrounding personal injury claims.

The services of a seasoned legal professional can provide invaluable support and guidance, ensuring that your rights are aggressively protected, your interests are zealously advocated for, and that you receive the maximum compensation under Colorado Law.

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Why Choose Callender Bowlin?

Dealing with the aftermath of a vehicular collision can be very overwhelming and draining at the same time. Navigating the legal process of car accidents claims as you try to recover from the situation can be difficult. However, you do not have to do it alone.

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While there are plenty of law firms you can choose from to help aid your legal needs, there are also several reasons why Callender Bowlin is the right choice. Some of these reasons include:

  • Having a solid record in securing compensation after an automobile incident
  • Strong negotiation skills
  • Has a deep understanding of Colorado insurance law
  • Dedicated to providing reliable legal services for vehicle-related damages
  • Won’t hesitate to take your case to trial

Moreover, Callender Bowlin is a reputable Denver personal injury law firm with years of experience in successfully filing car accident claims. By choosing our law firm, you can ensure that your case is being handled by a knowledgeable and well-experienced legal team dedicated to fighting for your rights.

How Can We Help in A Car Accident?

In a car accident in Denver, it is crucial that you take the necessary actions in order to start the recovery process – and one of those is filing a car accident insurance claim.

You’re probably thinking, why hire a car damage lawyer when you can file and settle your claim with the insurance company by yourself? While filing a claim on your own is possible and lawyers are not necessarily required, having an experienced accident attorney by your side has several advantages and, at the same time, can be comforting.

In fact, your legal representative plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your car accident claim. As easy as it may seem, acquiring fair compensation from insurance companies can be a very complicated and overwhelming task without the help of a professional. However, with lawyers, they can:

  • Protect and defend your rights under the law
  • File an insurance claim on your behalf
  • Gather and prepare all the necessary documents related to your claim
  • Negotiate with the insurer to increase your compensation
  • Interpret for you the details of the insurance policy
  • Help you navigate other possible legal options
  • Represent your case in court (if necessary)

About Car Accidents in Denver

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s latest Driver Behavior Survey has revealed alarming trends in risky driving practices among the state’s motorists. The survey found that 19% of drivers admit to regularly exceeding the speed limit, while 10% never stop for pedestrians outside of crosswalks, despite a 3% decrease from the previous year.

Distracted driving is also a significant issue, with 63% of drivers consuming food or beverages and 28% reading text messages while behind the wheel. Furthermore, 7% of drivers reported operating a vehicle within a couple of hours after using cannabis.

Denver, known for its stunning mountain vistas and urban landscape, has a unique topography that contributes to the risk of car accidents. The city’s high elevation can affect vehicle performance, while the surrounding Rocky Mountains feature winding roads, steep inclines, and mountain passes that demand heightened awareness and skill from drivers.

Where Do Car Accidents Occur in Denver?

Denver’s challenging routes, when combined with factors such as excessive speed or poor weather conditions, can significantly increase the likelihood of accidents. Moreover, the city’s rapid growth has led to increased traffic congestion, particularly during peak commuting hours.

The City and County of Denver reported that many deadly crashes in Denver happened:

  • On busy stretches like Interstate 70
  • Colorado Boulevard
  • Federal Boulevard
  • Near Coors Field

As for pedestrian deaths, most of them occurred in the same spots. The data showed that the deaths either happened very close to or on I-70 near the stop lights. Fatalities were also reported along Federal Boulevard next to bus stops.

Types of Car Accidents

As one of the premier law firms in Denver, Callender Bowlin has handled a wide range of car accidents. The most common types include:

Angled Impact Collisions: These accidents occur when the front of one vehicle collides with the side of another car at an angle, often resulting in significant damage and injuries.

Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions involve the front ends of two vehicles crashing into each other, often causing severe injuries or fatalities due to the combined force of the impact.

Hit-and-Run Accidents: In these accidents, a driver who has caused a collision flees the scene without providing information or assistance to the other parties involved.

Intersection Collisions: Accidents at intersections happen when drivers disregard traffic signals or stop signs or fail to yield the right of way, leading to collisions with other vehicles or pedestrians.

Multi-Vehicle Pile-Ups: These accidents involve multiple vehicles colliding with each other in a chain reaction, often caused by factors such as poor visibility, slippery road conditions, or sudden stops.

Rear-End Collisions: Rear-end collisions occur when a vehicle crashes into the back of another car, often due to tailgating, distracted driving, or failure to brake in time.

Rollover Accidents: These accidents happen when a vehicle tips onto its side or roof, often due to factors such as high speeds, sharp turns, or collisions with other objects.

Sideswipe Collisions: Sideswipe collisions occur when the sides of two vehicles traveling in the same direction make contact, often resulting from improper lane changes or merging.

Car Accidents Can Result From Negligent Acts

Negligent acts play a significant role in the occurrence of car accidents, as they involve a driver’s failure to exercise reasonable care and caution while operating a vehicle. This negligence can manifest in various forms, such as distracted driving, speeding, or disregarding traffic laws.

When a driver engages in these reckless behaviors, they put themselves and others at risk, increasing the likelihood of collisions. For instance, a driver who chooses to text while behind the wheel diverts their attention from the road, reducing their ability to react to hazards or sudden changes in traffic conditions.

Similarly, a driver who exceeds the posted speed limit or fails to adapt to adverse weather conditions may find it challenging to maintain control of their vehicle, potentially leading to accidents.

Negligence Beyond The Driver’s Actions

Negligent acts also extend beyond the actions of individual drivers. Negligence can also be attributed to parties responsible for maintaining safe road conditions, such as municipalities or construction companies.

Failure to properly design, construct, or maintain roadways can create hazardous conditions that contribute to accidents. Potholes, inadequate signage, or malfunctioning traffic signals are examples of negligence that can catch drivers off guard and lead to collisions.

Additionally, vehicle manufacturers may be held liable for accidents resulting from defective car parts or inadequate safety features. In such cases, the negligence lies in the manufacturer’s failure to ensure the proper functioning and safety of their products.

Colorado’s Modified Comparative Negligence

Understanding the various forms of negligence and how they contribute to car accidents is crucial for determining liability and seeking appropriate compensation for the victims.

Colorado is a modified comparative negligence state. Thus, the plaintiff’s damages are reduced by their percentage of fault. However, if the plaintiff is found to be more negligent or equal to the combined negligence of the defendant, the plaintiff cannot recover any amount.

However, it is important to note that the laws in Colorado regarding negligence may vary depending on the type of claim involved. It’s important to consult with your legal representative about the applicable laws to your case.

Role of A Specialized Attorney

Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer for your case has plenty of advantages. Some of the services they may offer include the following:

  • Reviewing your insurance coverage
  • Documenting your expenses and damages
  • Legal support throughout the processing of claims
  • Fight a claim denial (if applicable)
  • File a civil lawsuit against the insurer (if necessary)

It is important to note that the role of a specialized attorney in a motor vehicle-related claim is not limited to the advantages mentioned above. These are just some of the most common examples of what a car accident lawyer can offer for your case.

Working With A Local Denver Car Accident Lawyer

There are several reasons why you should hire a local Denver car accident lawyer to help you handle your case. These include the following:

  • They acquire the necessary knowledge of the law and legal process, ensuring that you are being rightfully guided as you go through the intricacies of the claims process.
  • They are well-experienced in dealing with insurance companies. They can review the details of your insurance policy and identify any other possible losses you may be able to recover in accordance with the insurer’s policy.
  • They can negotiate on your behalf for a better settlement. Most of the time, insurance companies will try to lower the amount of the damages covered. A local Denver car accident lawyer can help you avoid accepting an unfair settlement and opt for an even better one.
  • They can serve as your legal representation in court. If, in any case, you and the insurance company fail to reach an agreement regarding the coverage of the damages and losses, an attorney can help you build a strong case and effectively defend your claim.

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A highly reputable Denver car accident lawyer is within reach as you try to recover after a devastating crash. Callender Bowlin has vast resources and a wide network of professionals to provide the legal assistance you need as you deal with your car accident.

Our team is made up of well-versed and compassionate professionals who understand your needs and aim to secure the justice that you truly deserve. We offer our clients legal counsel along with customized strategies to help you effectively deal with the claims process.

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