At Callender Bowlin, our attorneys have firsthand knowledge of what it takes to successfully litigate and resolve the most difficult construction matters. Our construction experience has landed our clients courtroom and arbitration victories both nationally and internationally. Our cases deal with construction matters involving and representing owners, contractors, developers and design professionals. We also actively work with individuals and companies who are experiencing problems arising from Hurricane Harvey. If you have problems with construction issues, bad workmanship or delays associated with rebuilding efforts, we can help.

Types Of Construction Litigation Cases We Handle

With over 50 years of combined litigation experience, Callender Bowlin has handled all varieties of construction litigation claims. Some of the most common types of construction litigations cases include:

  • Delay claims
  • Contract overruns
  • Liquidated damage provisions
  • No damage for delay clauses
  • Flow down provisions in knock-for-knock contracts
  • Hurricane Harvey problems with contractors and insurance companies

Our attorneys have experience working in all phases of construction litigation. We can help ensure a construction contract is fair and maintains your rights, particularly in the event of a dispute, and we can help companies already embroiled in construction litigation disputes. We understand there is no one size fits all solution to resolving construction disputes, so we work to craft unique solutions to best fit our clients’ needs. Whether we represent clients in a courtroom, in negotiations, or in arbitration, we provide aggressive legal strategies for our clients.

Houston, Denver, and Albuquerque Construction Litigation Attorneys

There is a lot at stake in any type of construction dispute, so it is never too early to speak with a Houston construction litigation lawyer about your case. At CB Trial, we understand litigation can be costly, so we offer a variety of creative fee agreements to meet your needs. Call us today or reach out by completing our secure contact form to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.