Business divorce causes can be intense and protracted. And although almost every business started often with a common good and goal in mind, all too frequently partners and shareholders of closely-held corporations find themselves in disputes with each other over a variety of issues.

The attorneys at Callender Bowlin have a long history of successfully litigating business disputes in the courtroom on behalf of our clients, but we also recognize that often the best result for our client is achieved through a creative business solution to the issue at hand. Our firm will proactively push your case from the beginning while always strategizing on how to achieve the most beneficial yet expedient result.

How Shareholder and Partnership Disputes Happen

Running a business requires making many complicated business decisions. Shareholder and partnership disputes often arise over disagreement with certain business decisions or when one party feels squeezed out of making decisions that affect the company. Some of the most common shareholder and partnership disputes arise out of:

  • Strategic objectives and goals
  • Employment decisions
  • Expenses and debts
  • Division of assets
  • An imbalance of decision making power
  • Disagreement on business direction
  • Tax disputes
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Legal matters

Resolving Shareholder And Partnership Disputes

Shareholder and partnership disputes usually don’t appear overnight. Oftentimes tension between partners or shareholders has been building up for a long time. When this is the case, it is important to immediately contact an attorney. These disputes can be emotionally charged, causing people to jeopardize their positions. When emotions run high, individuals frequently make comments in writing that can jeopardize their legal position. An experienced business lawyer will help protect your best interests and determine the best course of action.

Houston, Denver, and Albuquerque Shareholder and Partnership Lawyers

Whether navigating the complexities of a partnership agreement, franchise documents, or the turbulent waters of shareholder oppression claims, Callender Bowlin is driven to find the best possible solution to the complex problems facing our clients, whether that solution is found in the boardroom or the courtroom. If you are facing a shareholder or partnership dispute, contact us today.